Saturday, April 18, 2009


chillin on the beach with one of my really good friends Mercedes!

I really enjoyed all the freak shows it was cheap entertainment. This guy walked around dressed as a tree from head to toe and got mad at me for taking a picture without donating any money it was kinda scary.

wow! I dont even know where to start with this guy he would roller blade up and down the beach walk. He had some kind of system set up and would sing and play his instrament and get right in your ear so you could hear him. He was not trying to make money he would hand out tee shirts and all shorts of things to try and promote peace! We were talking to some locals and they said that he has lived on Vience beach for over ten years now. He was a crazy guy!

This gold man would stand still the whole time until someone put money in his bucket. ofcourse we had to see him come alive so we put money in his bucket and he busted out all these Michael Jakson moves it was worth the dollar we put in.

Another weird bum trying to make a dollar anyway he can. Hey he is doing a good job we donated 2 bucks just to get a picture by his sand lizzard. He would make a new lizzard everyday because at night the clean up crew would take it down.

lots of wanna be rappers try to sale there music on the beach. This guy was our favorite we even baught a cd from him and we told him we would show it to all our home bois in Utah and he will become famous somday becasue of us.

One of the many weird bums we meet. This guys name was dood and he has a friend named caveman.

I could sit and look at the ocean for hours and hours its so pretty!

It does not get much better then this!Peace and love is what cali is all about!!!

Me being a beach bum

Chillin at the beach

Good bye cali until we meet again!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


WOW I just realized how fast time goes by when you are so busy. Its has now been four months since I have updated my blog. Last time I checked blogging is supposed to be away to journal your thoughts and some good times or bad in your life. I am pretty sure the idea of a journal is write in it everyday or at least once a week. Yes I have failed horribly at this blogging thing. In fact the only reason I have time to be blogging right now is because its spring break and I don't have piles and piles and piles of homework. That's only for this week though. So I am sure I will not be blogging again until school is over. I have five more weeks of school and I am done for good. Finishing High school has not been easy for me in fact it has been one of the hardest things that I have been through. I hate every second of it, but it is something that I have to do and when they call my name out at graduation its going to be one of the greatest accomplishments ever! I will more then likely jump up and down screaming and make a fool out of my self but I don't even care that's just how excited I will be. The past four months I have managed to get out and do a few fun things. I am very thankful for those people that have been her for me through some hard times in my life Thank you to the good family I have and some of my close friends! I love you all!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

This year for new years I went up to Jace's cabin with his family we all had a great time and just hung out and chilled. we went shooting, played pool, ate lots of food, watched fire works, and celebrated the new year. Thanks mom and dad Blick for letting me come with ya I had lots of FUN!!!

Just chillin

Going shooting

warming my hands up!

Jace shooting his blow dart gun I gave him for Christmas.

Makell and I hanging out in the saloon

Jace playing pool

mom macee and I chillin on new years eve

the whole fam damnly Macee and Dalton Makell Jace and I and mom and dad

!New year fireworks!



Lots of crashes!

Lunch Time.

Making his way down the big hill!

Daxton and taylor are best buddies.

Taylor and I on the lift.


Jace and I playing the wii
All the boys playing wii. Tay Tay, Jace, Dally boy, and Dax. I cried when I opened this I miss him so much! He gets home in 24 days whoo!!!

Everything I got for Christmas! clothes, 100 bucks, gift cards, camera, blow drier, straightener, my favorite fiji water, cute picture Che gave me, a snowboarding waxing iron Daxton gave me, hoddie and blanky Jace gave me, and the family got a wii.

Yes I know I have not posted for like two months now. I have been busy having so much fun in my life I just never get around to sharing with you how much fun I am having. I dont even know where to being so I will start with Christmas. This year is the second year now that we have been without che it is much different without him hear on holidays. So Christmas at the Carson's house was really laid back with just the four of us. I always love Christmas season its full of parties and spending time with the fam. This past year I feel like I have became really close to my family not just mom,dad, and brothers but my extended family. I have realized that friends really do come and go but your family will always be here for you. I have spent alot of time with my aunt Amy and her three little kids that I love so much and would do anything for. I Love that I can tell Amy anything and she listens to me and gives me good advice. I would consider her one of my best friends. After christmas got over I have been busy with work and having lots of fun celebrating new years. Because I have been out of school for a couple weeks I have been snowboarding alot. I even got to take my little cuz tay for his first time and teach him a few things about snowboarding. For his first time and being only seven he did AMAZING and did not complain one time. People always tell me I am growing up too fast and I just laugh and disagree with them, but watching Tay and all Amy's kids grow up and get big I know what they mean. I swear it was just last year I was in the hospital room watching sweet little Taylor being born but sure enough seven years later I am teaching him how to snowboard. The school break is almost over, I will be going back to school tomorrow and start getting into normal life with work and school and not so much fun. That's what life is all about. I feel like I take so much for granite just the little things that I hate so much such as school and work I have came to realize is a blessing in my life. As I sit here laying in my bed on my laptop, listening to music from my ipod down loading pictures from my new digital camera. and laughing at Daxton while he plays the wii we got for Christmas. I am thinking about how flippin spoiled I am and how I need to be more grateful to everyone around me and just everyday life. To me these are just little things but to another they would not know what to do with everything I have. So on that note my new years resolution is to be more grateful for the "LITTLE THINGS"

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I know it looks like I live my life out of bags, well I got news for you I DO. This is usually how I leave my house in the morning. The brown backpack is for my EMT class, the red bag is for Highschool and the pink bag is for work. I dont have time between classes and work to come home and change or grab a nother school bag. so all my clothes make up hair spray books and anything else I need for the day have to leave with me in the morning. At first this was really hard and I was always forgetting a bag or one work shoe or something but now I got it down pretty good and dont forget anything.